Pierino Penati

Piergiuseppe and Theo Penati

The Pierino Penati restaurant has a seventy-year-long history, where every occasion is inserted in a memorable setting. The silhouette of the Brianza hills can be seen through the windows of the dining rooms and, on clear days, even the contours of the Ligurian Apennines are visible. The hall of mirrors, with a terrace overlooking the garden, is perfect for the intimacy of a romantic meal, while in summer, dishes can be enjoyed in the open air. Chef Theo Penati belongs to the third generation of this catering dynasty and holds sway over the kitchen. From here, he offers the very best from the lessons learned all over the world, from London to Tokyo. The wine list includes the best-known labels, but willingly opens to local producers and niche wineries. In 2017, the family embarked on a new adventure in Cape Town, South Africa, where the historical recipes of Piergiuseppe Penati and Theo’s contemporary ones all find a place to tell the tale of Italian flavours, thousands of kilometres away.

Pierino Penati

Via XXIV Maggio, 36 – 23897 Viganò (LC)
Tel. +39 039 956020

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Closed Sunday dinner time and all day Monday
Holidays From 26 to 30 December
Credit cards All