Chef Fabrizia Meroi and Roberto Brovedani

With a love story that has been lasting for thirty years, based on a deep-seated love and joint passion for haute cuisine, Laite was founded through the enthusiasm of Fabrizia Meroi in the kitchen and the care shown by Roberto Brovedani in the dining room. She left her home in Cividale del Friuli without a shred of remorse to end up in the arms of her beloved in Sappada: “two hearts and one restaurant”. A love for cooking that Fabrizia’s Grandma handed down to her granddaughter with great passion. So, the restaurant is like the couple’s “keepsake treasure”, all built of wood and located just outside the village with space for twenty lucky diners to be pampered by the creative dishes on the menu. There is abundant territory in the menu and it is as rich in ingredients as these mountains, a distinctive feature that the chef has never considered excluding from his restaurant, well before Nordic trends: game, mushrooms, pine trees and fresh air. The cellar, which is strictly made of stone and is Roberto’s kingdom, is home to all the valuables of the old houses of Sappada, a veritable museum surrounded by precious bottles.


Borgata Hoffe, 10 – 32047 Sappada (BL)
Tel. +39 0435 469070

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Closed Wednesday. Thursday lunchtime
Holidays 20 days in June and 20 days in October
Credit cards All