Ilario and Simonetta Mosconi

An elegant building in Luxembourg, on the banks of the Alzette is home to the very best in Italian cuisine that Ilario and Simonetta Mosconi have succeeded in reproducing in the Grand Duchy with no compromises nor influences from beyond the Alps. A richly decorated wrought iron door welcomes guests into two intimate, high-class and delicately-lit rooms that are decorated with discreet luxury. The romantic “pied dans l’eau” atmosphere is accompanied by the professional service provided by the hostess Simonetta and the sommelier Olivier Petit. The secret of a cuisine that is surprising for its readability and Ilario’s masterly touch lies in the simplicity and excellence of the raw materials, imported directly from Italy. Every dish on the menu shines with the spirit of the chef-researcher who loves travelling to select his ingredients first hand, drawing them from their natural context. Game, seafood, deep sea fish, vegetables and fruits have an unmistakable, pure Italian flavour which the chef skilfully develops with playful flair and enjoyment. Fireworks in the Europe’s little “Lady” from another era.


13, rue Münster – 2160 Lussemburgo (L)
Tel. +352 54 6994

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Closed Saturday lunchtime and all day Sunday and Monday
Holidays Christmas and New Year, Easter and 3 weeks in August
Credit cards All