Pietro Leemann and Antonio Di Mora

Spirituality, culture and curiosity: these are the ingredients of Pietro Leemann’s Haute Cuisine Naturelle. Drawing on Chinese dietetics, Ayurveda and Steinerian anthroposophy, Joia is the perfect place for gourmets keen on spiritual and corporeal well-being. The chef finds inspiration in nature. “Preparing food is a gesture of love and a form of freedom. When we choose what to put in our plate we are enjoying freedom from imposition” explains the chef, who succeeds in combining ethics, sustainability and good health in his dishes. Respect for nature can also be displayed in the kitchen by choosing ingredients that nature gives us and portraying it through colours and shapes, according to seasons and places. The menu includes dishes with reduced levels of fats, animal proteins, gluten and sugars; a search for a balance between flavour and well-being is the lively spirit of this culinary temple with its perfect chromatic combinations. Before you even taste them, the dishes are a triumphant show of lively colours. So, respect is the all-pervading sentiment at the Joia and the sacred nature of food as a source of life and nourishment for the mind in a holistic vision of life.


Via P. Castaldi, 18 – 20124 Milan (MI)
Tel. +39 02 29522124 – +39 02 2049244

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Closed Sunday
Holidays Middle week in August. From 25 December to 6 January
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