Oasis Sapori Antichi

Fischetti Family

The sincere promise of Oasis Sapori Antichi lies sealed in three T: terrain, territory and tradition. Dishes from the past, handed down orally from generation to generation, ingredients from times gone by and the story of the Fischetti family are the pieces in this mosaic on hospitality. A magnificent team has enriched Irpinia with warmth, by searching for it on a space-time journey on this green patch of land. Giuseppina Pagliarulo is the cornerstone, looking after the vegetable garden and fresh pasta, Michelina Fischetti is in the kitchen, Euplio is in the dining room, Nicola sees to the vast, prestigious wine cellar and Carmine does the paperwork. Their exciting cuisine, however, knows how to evolve in step with the times without losing its true nature and flavours, with a careful eye on health and nutritional balance in the dishes. The flavour of simple things combines with sophisticated culinary forays, sometimes reminiscent of Grandma’s kitchen, full of boiling pots and smoke and sometimes of the cleanness and rigour of an ultra-modern restaurant.

Oasis Sapori Antichi

Via Provinciale, 8
83050 Vallesaccarda (AV)
Tel. +39 0827 97021

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Closed All day Thursday, and at dinner time on national holidays
Holidays 20 days in July
Credit cards All