Locanda Don Serafino

Giuseppe and Antonio La Rosa, Chef Vincenzo Candiano

The Don Serafino restaurant is carved into the rock beside the Chiesa dei Miracoli, a splendid UNESCO site, in the magical setting of Ragusa Ibla, surrounded by Sicilian Baroque architecture, a place worth stopping at to find rest and refreshment in one of the charming hotel’s twenty-two rooms. The chef Vincenzo Candiano provides a traditional, brightly-coloured and decisively-flavoured Sicilian cuisine which can be summed up in three identifying concepts: experimentation, seasonality and audacity. The La Rosa family firmly set their hearts on creating this whole complex and their restaurant has underlined the importance of various influences: those typical of the place, with input from the Normans, Spaniards and numerous conquerors, who ravaged yet bequeathed roots, culture and hospitality. A cuisine based on land and sea, with many cameo dishes, born from the labours of sailors and farmers. The wine cellar is nothing short of colossal, with more than 1700 labels and about 9500 bottles, plus an impressive list of spirits and a wide selection of fine cigars.

Locanda Don Serafino

Via Avv. G. Ottaviano, 13
97100 Ragusa Ibla (RG)
Tel. +39 0932 248778

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Closed Tuesday
Holidays From 8 January to 7 February 
Credit cards All except for Diners