Francesca Poli and Terry Giacomello

Terry Giacomello is one of the most creative chefs in Italy and has brought a real revolution to the Parma area, tearing the province away from its traditional Emilian dishes and unleashing cooking techniques worthy of an alchemist.
Moving from Food Valley, as the Valley of Parma is called, where the chef finds all the most excellent local raw materials and many zero km products, to the wildest interpretation of food, passing through food chemistry and the use of root crops, grown by him personally in the vegetable garden next to the restaurant. In the minimal-chic premises of Inkiostro you can savour the simplicity of modern dishes and designs, under the aegis of the Poli family, who for over forty years have been among the leading exponents of Emilian haute cuisine.
The most explosive dishes for their colours and flavours include Lo Spaghetto with ham, Shineji mushrooms and almonds or Egg Tagliatelle with Parmesan fondue, truffle caviar and egg yolk.


Via San Leonardo, 124 – 43122 Parma
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