Principe Leopoldo

Director Barbara Gibellini and Chef Cristian Moreschi

Set in a historic villa with fairy-tale architecture, the restaurant Principe Leopoldo overlooks the enchanting Lake of Lugano with the aura of a place suspended between dream and reality. The noble, refined classic setting is the perfect place for an equally careful and refined cuisine. 
Cristian Moreschi has picked up the baton from Dario Ranza as executive chef and, after being mentored for eight years, he now works hard and contentedly with a line of continuity, but equally including his own personal touches. So, the menu now welcomes ingredients such as rabbit, mullet and nettles, new experiments with textures and cooking styles and meetings with other food cultures. All provided with an artistic sensibility and an intimate sense of colour used to present the dishes. 
The leitmotif of all-round quality is enhanced by the professionalism of the maître d’hotel, Claudio Recchia, and sommelier, Gabriele Speziale. A must for gourmets passing through the territory of Collina d’Oro, in Canton Ticino.

Principe Leopoldo

Villa Principe Leopoldo – Via Montalbano, 5
Canton Ticino – 6900 Lugano (CH)
Tel. +41 91 9858855

60 + 80 outside |

Closed Always open
Holidays Always open
Credit cards All