Ca’ Vittoria

Massimiliano Musso

Ca' Vittoria

Among the prized truffles of the Alfieri Hills, not far from the Langhe and Roero, there are also sumptuous flavours and aromas to savour in the cuisine of Chef Massimiliano Musso, who since 1997 has carried on the work done by grandmother Gemma and mamma Sandra.
The Ca‘ Vittoria Restaurant is located in an eighteenth-century house in Tigliole d’Asti and, from the surrounding areas, it draws on traditions and recipes, which the chef reinterprets in a modern and original style.
Massimiliano is a true culinary melting pot and, after travelling from New York to Hong Kong, he always returns to the Langhe to share evocative experiences with his guests.
The atmosphere that you feel is that of a classy, sophisticated and professional setting, where the chef’s wife, Valentina Celoria, works wonders providing a neat and precise service.
The restaurant also has adjacent rooms where guests can enjoy a longer stay, as if to continue the dream that began at the restaurant table.

Ca’ Vittoria

Via Roma, 14 – 14016 Tigliole d’Asti (AT)
Tel. +39 0141 667713

35 (120 for events) | |

Closed Sunday dinner time. Monday. 
Lunchtime except Saturday and Sunday
Holidays 30 days between February and March. 10 days in August
Credit cards All except for American Express