Ilario and Simonetta Mosconi

On the banks of the River Alzette, in an elegant building in the old beer brewers’ district in Luxembourg, there flows relentlessly a brook of Italian authenticity which spreads from the generous windows of the Mosconi restaurant. The duties of hostess are assigned to Simonetta, chef Ilario’s wife, who provides a truly professional and refined service within the dining room. Her polished touch also pervades the intimate and top-class atmosphere in the two smaller dining rooms: suffused lighting, rich curtains, leather armchairs, woodwork on the walls and sophisticated place settings. The cuisine of this ambassador of Italian taste abroad follows a steadfast axiom, that of genuineness, provided through simple and authentic products. Ninety percent of the raw materials arrive directly from the Bel Paese, after careful assessment and selection. The insatiable curiosity of the couple, the trips and tasting sessions fuel the engine of the restaurant, whose tables are served every day with dishes totally lacking in contaminations from over the Alps, underlining the solid relationship that the Mosconi couple have with their homeland.


13, rue Münster – 2160 Lussemburgo (L)
Tel. +352 54 6994

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Closed Sunday and Monday. Saturday lunchtime. 
Holidays Christmas and New Year, Easter and 3 weeks in August
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