da Vittorio

Cerea Family

Brusaporto, an area of fresh greenery in the province of Bergamo, sees its focal point in one of Italy’s most sumptuous relais, La Cantalupa: a ten-hectare estate, where hospitality and good taste reach commendable levels. Here the brothers Enrico and Bobo Cerea keep alive the idea spawned by papa Vittorio: a traditional and unmistakable cuisine, flanked by inventiveness and cutting-edge techniques.
The chefs are promoters of authentic freedom in combinations, chromatic vivacity and taste contrasts, characters that shine in a harmonious, blended philosophy. The axiom of the Cerea cuisine always remains the same: “Lombard tradition and creative genius”, an expression of noble raw materials, from land and sea, handled with care to satisfy any culinary preference.
This excellent setting is all family-run, with the essential help of mamma Bruna, Francesco and Rossella. Francesco is in charge of the wine cellar that has more than four hundred years of history and can count on thousands of bottles, while Rossella looks after the restaurant and the warm welcome it provides.

da Vittorio

Via Cantalupa, 17 – 24060 Brusaporto (BG)
Tel. +39 035 681024

70 + 50 outside in summer | |

Closed Wednesday lunchtime
Holidays 2 middle weeks in August
Credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners