Taverna del Capitano

Caputo Family

Surrounded by the splendour of Amalfi, the Taverna del Capitano is seen as an unshakeable bastion of the concept of Mediterranean hospitality: a history of providing a warm welcome lasting over fifty years, since 1967 when the Caputo family founded the restaurant. Since then, its development has been constant together with ongoing research. Salvatore Caputo, a former seafarer, provided the restaurant with its first authentic culinary mark and family tie; today his son Alfonso keeps a firm hold on the helm giving meaning and stability to that work. His delicacies release aromas in this corner of Campania and allure guests with their eclectic, creative and cerebral mise en place. The flavours from the sea, overlooked by the restaurant, burst onto the table, and the cooking and filleting techniques, mastered by the chef, help to maintain the fresh fish appeal found in his dishes. In the dining room, his sister Mariella works wonderfully as a friendly, cultured, kind and unobtrusive hostess, while her valuable advice as sommelier enlivens the dining experience of her table guests, drawing on the wealth of wines kept in her well-stocked cellar.

Taverna del Capitano

P.zza delle Sirene, 10/11
Marina del Cantone
80061 Massa Lubrense (NA)
Tel. +39 081 8081028

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Closed Monday and Tuesday. Always open in summer
Holidays From 2 November to 31 December. From 1 January to 12 March
Credit cards All