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Le Soste


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36 years



Welcome to the world of Le Soste Association.

We are a collection of the best restaurants offering Italian cuisine in our country and in Europe, an expression of excellency that touches all the professions involved into the food business: cuisine, table service, management and sommellerie.
In 2018 our wonderful group has 94 members, with a distinctly Italian core – 87 members distributed all around the country, from Trentino Alto Adige to Sicily – and 7 presences abroad, in Luxembourg, the Principality of Monaco, Russia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Some views about Le Soste

Stopping at Le Soste is a pleasurable experience – no doubt about it. Whatever the location you choose from this guide and whatever your pace at work and in your private life, the Associazione Le Soste was conceived to offer the very best in food to those visiting and those living in Italy. There are no places for a quick bite to eat and off. You need to take the right time, enter the world of the chef, his family and his staff; you need to drop down a gear or two as you approach the table and turn off your phones and computers. Every stop at Le Soste will be a wonderful, tasty time.

Paolo Marchi

Find out what some of the most important voices in the circles of high cuisine think of Le Soste: Fausto Arrighi, Francesca Romana Barberini, Camilla Baresani, Maurizio Bertera, Marco Bolasco, Marco Colognese, Eleonora Cozzella, Carla Icardi, Alberto Lupini, Paolo Massobrio, Gianluca Montinaro, Carlo Ottaviano, Luigi Cremona, Mimmo Di Marzio, Luigi Franchi, Marisa Fumagalli, Marco Gatti, Andrea Grignaffini, Davide Paolini, Roberto Petrone, Carlo Petrini, Cesare Pillon, Alberto P. Schieppati, Roberta Schira, Rita Vecchio, Enzo Vizzari.


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