Welcome to the world of Le Soste Association.

We are a collection of the best restaurants offering Italian cuisine in our country and in Europe, an expression of excellency that touches all the professions involved into the food business: cuisine, table service, management and sommellerie.
In 2020 our wonderful group has 93 members, with a distinctly Italian core – 87 members distributed all around the country, from Trentino Alto Adige to Sicily – and 6 presences abroad, in Luxembourg, the Principality of Monaco, Slovenia and Switzerland.

My first time in a restaurant of “Le Soste”

Memories and stories by some of the most important voices of communication in haute cuisine: Alberto Cauzzi, Alberto Lupini, Alberto Schieppati, Andrea Grignaffini, Anna Prandoni, Cesare Pillon, Elio Ghisalberti, Gianluca Montinaro, Luigi Cremona, Luigi Franchi, Marco Colognese, Margo Schachter, Marisa Fumagalli, Maurizio Bertera, Paolo Massobrio, Roberto Perrone, Toni Sàrcina