Welcome to the world of Le Soste Association.

We are a collection of the best restaurants offering Italian cuisine in our country and in Europe, an expression of excellency that touches all the professions involved into the food business: cuisine, table service, management and sommellerie.
In 2019 our wonderful group has 91 members, with a distinctly Italian core – 83 members distributed all around the country, from Trentino Alto Adige to Sicily – and 8 presences abroad, in Luxembourg, the Principality of Monaco, Japan, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.

Le soste and the new media

“Even restaurants and the “oldest” chefs are now on social media, especially Instagram which can tell culinary tales more effectively through pictures. But I think that this is all self-referential and only reaches a limited audience, consisting of fellow chefs, friends, gourmets and journalists. The vast majority of the public are captivated by fame and success: they are not concerned with the true essence. They follow a chef because he or she is a media star, but they are not very interested in his/her ideas and rarely visit him/her at the restaurant. Le Soste existed before, and will continue to exist after social media. It’s right to use them and share ideas, but in the eyes of Le Soste, the kind of social interaction that makes a difference is one involving a warm welcome, conversation, a dish and humanity. Strictly face to face.”

Roberto Perrone, journalist and writer

Find out what some of the most important voices in the circles of high cuisine think of Le Soste:

Marco Colognese
Eleonora Cozzella
Carlo Ottaviano
Luigi Franchi
Elio Ghisalberti

Paolo Marchi
Roberto Perrone
Gabriele Principato
Margo Schacter
Alberto P. Schieppati