La Peca

Chef Nicola Portinari, Pierluigi Portinari, Cinzia Boggian

Peca in Vicenza dialect means track or footprint, but it is also the name of the hills on which this restaurant stands; they are equally impervious and solitary and that is the reason for footprints: the only evidence of the presence of life. But here, tradition and popular cuisine have left a shining example of Italian haute cuisine. The Portinari brothers, Nicola in the kitchen and Pierluigi in patisserie and wine cellar, are now the cornerstones of La Peca. Cinzia Boggian, Pierluigi’s life partner, winds her way gracefully among the tables, personally decorated with creative centrepieces, and one of the most renowned wine cellars in Italy. The panoramic dining room and design areas, created by the architects Giuliari, Polazzo and Dal Toso, serve as the backdrop to a culinary style that enhances the gastronomic treasures of all Italy, starting with this corner of the Vicenza district, and turns them into clarity, art, technique and emotion. The perfect conclusion to such an experience is lavished by the smoking room, where guests can sip fine spirits and enjoy a refined selection of the best cigars in the world.

La Peca

Via Giovanelli, 2 – 36045 Lonigo (VI)
Tel. +39 0444 830214

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Closed Sunday and Monday
Holidays June, 1 week mid-August, from 25 to 30 December
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