Antica Osteria da Cera

Cera family

The Antica Osteria Da Cera is synonymous with one of the best seafood cuisines in Italy and a history spanning fifty years. It takes its raw materials from the sea via the market in Chioggia and enhances them and tames them, giving them elegance and taste. The change in generations has been a perfect success: since Rino and Silvana Cera retired, the children have continued to advance and develop the family restaurant. Lionello runs the show together with his siblings Loredana and Daniele, while the charming Simonetta, Lionello’s consort, looks after the dining hall, all creating a warm family atmosphere blended with refined professionalism. The classic dishes include Cold Spaghettino with Lucerne, striped prawns, Bronte pistachio sauce and caper water, the Colours of the Sea, that is a delicious series of eight kinds of raw fish and lacquered Eel. But undoubtedly the dish that best represents the family history is Paccheri with mullet, mussels, capers and olives, dedicated to the 50 years of mother Silvana. A strong attention to vegetarian and vegan dishes makes the restaurant suitable to all palates.

Antica Osteria da Cera

Via Marghera, 24 – 30010 Lughetto di Campagna Lupia (VE)
Tel. +39 041 5185009

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Closed Monday. Sunday dinner time
Holidays 2 weeks in January and 2 weeks in August
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