Famiglia Menichetti e Chef Valeria Piccini

Coming to the mediaeval village of Montemerano among the hills and hairpin bends of the Tuscan hinterland, is never a coincidence but always a well-considered, conscious choice. Originally an ancient wine store, it has been transformed into a charming restaurant and an inn furnished with antiques from the nineteenth century. It was 1971 and Angela and Carisio, aka Caino, wanted a tavern where people could have a drink and a bite-to-eat. They certainly did not imagine that, in a few decades, the culinary experience of the cuisine of chef Valeria Piccini would attract gourmands from all over Italy. Her dishes are a clear reflection of her essence: succulent, with clear-cut and precise flavours, sporting contrasting aromas, textures and temperatures. Tradition and modernity are on a par at Caino’s table. With her husband and owner Maurizio Menichetti, a great connoisseur of the wine world, and their son Andrea, the service is both professional and dynamic, attentive and welcoming, expertly supporting their excellent Tuscan cuisine.


Via Chiesa, 4 Frazione Montemerano 58014 Manciano (GR)
Tel. +39 0564 602817


Closed Wednesday. Thursday lunchtime
Holidays They vary from year to year
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