Dolomieu Ristorante

Enrico Croatti

Inside the only purpose-built Boutique Hotel in Trentino, the DV Chalet in Madonna di Campiglio, the Dolomieu restaurant has just seven tables “way up high” with dishes that take you “over the rainbow”, thanks to the flair of the young chef Enrico Croatti who has worked in Spain, France and Los Angeles (cooking for the top stars of Hollywood) but has opted for the peace and quiet of the Alps. His cuisine finds its life spirit through tradition and research, enhancing these qualities with modern cooking techniques and an eye on health. The distinctive feature is its simplicity, where harmony of flavours are always at the forefront. His proposals are inspired by the world of vegetables, classic Italian dishes and the charm of the Dolomites, but the most interesting elements are the foreign influences from his travels, such as Burrito di Kobe, Beef with Risotto in bianco with a hint of the Asiatic. There’s no missing his traditional Saddle of Venison with Mountain lardo and the wild berries that chef Croatti uses to score a pleasurable strike. The wine cellar also provides outstanding emotions, focusing on local labels and introducing the visitor to a round-the-world tour.

Dolomieu Ristorante

Via Castelletto Inferiore, 10 – 38086 Madonna di Campiglio (TN)
Tel. +39 0465 44 31 91


Closed Tuesday (In high season always open) 
Holidays From April to June. From September to November
Credit Cards All