Principe Leopoldo

Manager Barbara Gibellini and Chef Dario Ranza

The Principe Leopoldo restaurant is not simply an addition to a fairy-tale mansion on Lake Lugano, but has over time become an international benchmark for excellent cuisine in Ticino. Chef Dario Ranza serves as a true catalyst of this culture of food and hospitality: for over 27 years he has run the kitchen with a really creative brilliance and sensitivity. Respectful of all raw materials and traditions, Ranza makes every stop here an unforgettable experience thanks to his sincere, passionate expertise, spiced with a touch of Lombardy-Ticino blends. “When I create a dish, I can already imagine its appearance. If the dish reflects that image exactly, when served, then I am satisfied,” he says proudly. The dining hall is the realm of Claudio Recchia, a refined and unobtrusive maître, while the wine cellar is cared for by sommelier Gabriele Speziale, an expert adviser on the best pairings. To round off this truly magical experience, every minor detail is taken of: tables set with linen, silverware, and crystal glassware, while decorations, stuccoes and objets d’art are scattered everywhere.

Principe Leopoldo

Villa Principe Leopoldo – Via Montalbano, 5
Canton Ticino – 6900 Lugano (CH)
Tel. +41 91 9858855

60 + 80 outside |

Closed Always open
Holidays Always open
Credit cards All