Pri Lojzetu

Tomaž, Flavia e Sara Kavčič

There are numerous reasons that encourage visitors crossing between Italy and Slovenia to stop over at Pri Lojzetu: the poetic flair of the cuisine of chef Tomaž Kavčič, the warm hospitality of his wife Flavia in the dining hall, the nobility of the Villa Zemono which welcomes them or the re-discovery of the roots of Slovenian cuisine with soups and broths. One of the dishes that must be tried is sea bass cooked on a salt plate: an original technique that expresses the chef’s playful veneration for the raw material, already perfect by nature but made sublime by Man’s creative flair. Another celebrated rarity on the menu here is the precious Rosa di Gorizia, a local, sweetish and crunchy radicchio, hand-picked head by head and kept in abandoned refuges before blossoming in the Christmas period soups. This culinary jewel in the Valle del Vipacco realises a visionary itinerary through time and space which is a bona fide anthology of the territory to savour with an open heart.

Pri Lojzetu

Dvorec Zemono – 5271 Vipava (SLO)
Tel. +386 5 3687007

40 – up to 200 for events | | by prior arrangement

Closed Monday and Tuesday
Holidays They vary from year to year
Credit cards All