Principe Cerami

Enrico Licari and Chef Massimo Mantarro

The restaurant is currently undergoing renovation work and is due to reopen in 2018. It was Prince Cerami who wanted the former Dominican monastery of Taormina to be transformed into a luxury hotel as it is today, and the restaurant name reminds us of this. Eight tables enjoy one of the most stunningly beautiful views in Italy, from the dining room and terrace over the shimmering waters of the Ionian Sea: the view extends from the Greek Theatre to the top of Mount Etna. Chef Massimo Mantarro has a background of experiences from Dubai to New York and offers a cuisine that he defines as simple, but it is actually a dive into the deepest Sicily, with delicate peaks of pleasure. This is a place where fish holds sway: Cannelloni of cuttlefish with lobster pot prawns, Squid prepared as a risotto, Codfish steamed “Pizzaiola” style, “Norma” variation on a theme, are all gourmet recipes that bear witness to Sicilian authenticity and sublime elegance. Refined dishes that provide proof of alternative techniques and cooking methods and different temperatures and textures on the same plate: an apparently simple style that is easy to understand but not to achieve.

Principe Cerami

San Domenico Palace Hotel
P.zza San Domenico, 5
98039 Taormina (ME)
Tel. +39 0942 613111

24 or 20 outside in summer |

Closed Monday. Lunchtime
Holidays From January to March. November and December
Credit cards All