Locanda Don Serafino

Giuseppe and Antonio La Rosa, Chef Vincenzo Candiano

A restaurant carved into the rock of the adjacent Chiesa dei Miracoli, a splendid UNESCO site. Ragusa Ibla is on the outside in true Baroque style, and inside a cuisine brilliantly interpreted by chef Vincenzo Candiano who equals the beauty of the surroundings with his similarly seductive dishes. The La Rosa family has focused on various influences, based on local culture and the typical tastes and pleasures of Sicily: an important seafaring and countryside tradition, which every day talks of its generosity through the dishes served at the Locanda Don Serafino. Culinary works-of-art, full of lively colours and strong flavours can be savoured at the pristinely-laid tables with an eye on contemporary aesthetics and concepts. Some specialities to try: the Crudités from the sea, Freshly-made black spaghetti with sea urchins, ricotta cheese and cuttlefish and the chef’s personal interpretation of the classic Rabbit alla Stimpirata. Your taste and sensory journey is made all the more enjoyable by a wine cellar boasting more than a thousand wines from all over the world, and a list of spirits and cigars which complete this unique narrative.

Locanda Don Serafino

Via Avv. G. Ottaviano, 13
97100 Ragusa Ibla (RG)
Tel. +39 0932 248778

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Closed Tuesday
Holidays 2 weeks in January and 2 weeks in November
Credit cards All except for Diners