La Madia

Pino Cuttaia

Pino Cuttaia’s cuisine is one based on memory, whose identity is profoundly recognizable. It is provocative but at the same time strongly linked to the territory, and his dishes representing his childhood experiences harness a slow movement towards a search for perfection. A cuisine that for its ancient and unassuming beauty is both near-at-hand with the love that it transmits and far away in its lost flavours. “Every Chef is on a journey, and the journey consists of research, exploration and ideas. My today leads me to where it all began: in the kitchen at home” and that is chef Cuttaia’s manifesto. After several experiences in North Italy, he has returned to his demanding hometown of Licata to create a blended cuisine, the end product of a long chain of crafts that start with the vegetable garden behind the house. The ambience, enhanced by the bare, light wood walls, with no frills, adorned only with the thoughts of the chef, in a few written texts and fine photographs, provides the perfect feel for enjoying a cuisine once found only at home, but now also professional in style.

La Madia F. Re Capriata, 22
92027 Licata (AG)
Tel. +39 092 2771443

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Closed In winter: All day Tuesday. Sunday dinner time. July and August: all day Tuesday. Sunday lunchtime
Holidays They vary from year to year
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