Nino Graziano

After raising hospitality in his homeland, Sicily, to a level of excellence, Nino Graziano decided to venture into the frozen north, in Moscow. As a bold entrepreneur, he gave birth here to what very quickly became an obligatory stopping point in Russia for lovers of Italian food. It was way back in 1998 when Nino decided to call his restaurant “Mulinazzo ”after the dessert handed down from his grandmother, that soon became his steady winner. Simplicity and directness of flavours are the keystones of this visionary chef’s cuisine. For years at the forefront of cooking techniques that can enhance the nutritional and sensory characteristics of food, Graziano always seeks quality in an ultra-perfectionist and almost maniacal manner, beginning with the selection of the finest raw materials, which fly directly from Italy to his laboratory of taste. He is backed up by a relaxed, yet confident Luca Verdolini, who has taken the reins of this gourmet legacy to develop it further with talent and creative flair so as to impress the Russian capital.


Timura Frunze dom, 11/55
115021 Mosca (RU)
Tel. +7 4951815555

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