Piazza Duomo

Enrico Crippa

Boundless talent, tremendous will power and an excellent opportunity (that of the Ceretto family, who knew how to bet on a winning horse): this combination allowed chef Enrico Crippa to make a name for himself in the world with his ethereal, colourful and artistic dishes. The contemporary architecture of the Piazza Duomo restaurant reveals their support for the art and artists, who share that love for the Langhe that is appreciated in their proposals. At the crack of dawn, the chef and four others tend to the vegetables in the garden that will be on the menu or in dishes like salad 21…31…41…51, because even side dishes require impeccable attention. The day progresses with peaks of flavour that enchant the visiting pilgrims, supported by a monumental wine cellar and the pleasant presence of Vincenzo Donatiello. The chef won’t leave the restaurant till late in the evening, always the first to arrive and the last to leave: perfection requires infinite rigour and unprecedented tenacity.

Piazza Duomo

P.zza Risorgimento, 4 – 12051 Alba (CN)
Tel. +39 0173 366167

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Closed Sunday and Monday
Holidays 2 weeks in August. Between late December and January
Credit cards All except for Diners