Marcello Trentini

Flair and non-conformism, a blaze of inspiration, colours and flavours: since 2003, Magorabin – “Bogeyman” in Turin dialect – has cast its spell over its guests with its personal revolution of Piedmont classicism, performed in the shadow of the Mole Antonelliana. The fertile creativity of chef Marcello Trentini conceives about 500 new dishes every year: a cuisine full of exotic influences with a preference for the Orient. The stylish environment with its intimate and harmonious atmosphere, as well as the charming welcome and precious wine pairings provided by Marcello’s companion, Simona, make this maelstrom gourmet experience even more striking. Perfection in the kitchen can excite and seduce with just three ingredients on the plate, interspersed with slashes which cleanly and lustfully outline the flavours and enhance a “savouriness devoid of salt”. Among the cult specialities on the continually evolving menu you can choose the delicious Scampi/Testina (Veal Head)/Cherry Tomatoes, Spaghetti/Bread/Butter/anchovies, or the Duck/Foie Gras/Beetroot.

Magorabin San Maurizio, 61 10124 Torino (TO)
Tel. +39 011 8126808

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Closed All day Sunday and Monday lunchtime
Holidays Always open
Credit cards All