Chef Davide Scabin, Milena Pozzi, Barbara Scabin­

One might assume that Davide Scabin’s cuisine is strongly allied to tradition, in perfect harmony with the Majesty of the Castello di Rivoli, with its terrace overlooking beautiful Turin, right next to the Museum of Contemporary Art. But Davide Scabin does not follow in anyone’s wake as he creates his own fashions; he is the Muse of inspiration for all art scholars who visit exhibitions and are fortunate enough to stop and experience the food design and creative drive of a chef who will be remembered in history for his unruliness as well as his genius. Included among the most creative and explosive of Italian cooks, who dares without overdoing it, and plays without ever undermining the pleasure of food, Davide Scabin has forged some unforgettable classics such as the Cyber Egg (egg wrapped in a transparent film with the addition of shallots and caviar), Rognone al gin (Kidneys in gin) or Zuppizza (Pizza soup). “Never stop exploring taste” is the chef’s leitmotiv even though, he adds, “No matter how far you go, you will never reach the boundaries of taste”, parodying the words of Heraclitus.


P.zza Mafalda di Savoia – 10098 Rivoli (TO)
Tel. +39 011 9565225

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Closed Sunday and Monday. From Tuesday to Saturday only open for dinner
Holidays Christmas period. Variable in August
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