Ca’ Vittoria

Massimiliano Musso

An elegant eighteenth-century house in Tigliole, in the heart of the Langhe Roero and Monferrato hills – a UNESCO heritage site – is where Massimiliano Musso, a successful young chef, offers delicious recipes from the great Piedmontese tradition and also innovative, neatly-balanced dishes. An 87-year-old family tradition, where dishes prepared with skill and mastery use the very best local ingredients and those from the vegetable garden. Massimiliano, a brilliant chef born in ‘81, boasts a number of prestigious posts in his career including Ambassador chef for Piedmont at the UN Building in New York, the World Summit in Hong Kong, joint projects as consultant chef with the Azalea Restaurant in New York and Casa Saclà as well as prestigious services like lunch for Pope John Paul II during his visit in Piedmont. The Ca’ Vittoria restaurant, also with 10 immaculate hotel rooms, enjoys a refined atmosphere that fits perfectly with the friendliness, helpfulness and cordiality of the service managed with grace and care by Valentina, the chef’s wife and sommelier for the restaurant. There is an excellent wine menu with many local specialities and much more.

Ca’ Vittoria

Via Roma, 14 – 14016 Tigliole d’Asti (AT)
Tel. +39 0141 667713

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Closed Monday. Sunday dinner time. Lunchtime except Saturday and Sunday
Holidays 30 days between February and March. 10 days in August
Credit cards All except for American Express