Claudio Sadler

Sadler’s is a “regional cuisine in evolution” that has been a brand name in the history of Italian restaurants for more than thirty years. His culinary art is solid and measured and evades passing fads created to amaze and focuses on seasonality, on the wise use of technology and the aesthetic value of dishes. The simplicity of crisp and recognizable flavours provides unfailing satisfaction for the palate and spirit of the Milanese and international clientele who find their way to this reassuring oasis on Milan’s vibrant waterways. The chef’s proposals always include encounters with other cultures through home-grown filters: it is a combination of full-blown curiosity while never wishing to lose sight of the original Sacred Way. We can find a shining example in the Italian Sashimi, an interpretation of raw seafood, a classic that has now reached its fifth version. A pragmatic entrepreneur, speaker and teacher, Sadler shows all his sensitivity when he broaches the subject of ethical and healthy cuisine that improves one’s life.


Via Ascanio Sforza, 77 – 20141 Milan (MI)
Tel. +39 02 58104451

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Closed All day Sunday. Weekdays open only for dinner
Holidays From 1 to 7 January. Two weeks in August
Credit cards All except for Diners