Miramonti l’altro

Mauro and Daniela Piscini, Chef Philippe Léveillé

This eighteenth century villa in Neoclassical style between Brescia and Valtrompia is home to a cuisine that distils French DNA with mountainous touches: the Breton chef, Philippe Léveillé, revisits traditions from Brescia with new informal touches dismantling and restyling them with a culinary playfulness that makes a visit really worthwhile. His passion for Italy explodes with #Volevoessereunpomodoro [Iwantedtobeatomato], a mission statement that defends this essential Italian ingredient. Miramonti l’Altro has three quite different spirits of luxury that flow through its menus: In return from Cancale, Praise of Miramonti tradition and Chez Philippe. You can enjoy scampi and oysters from the French Atlantic and Il Mare in Cortile; a paraphrase of the local territory is relived with balance and class in this dedicated path, while the essence of Léveillé is purveyed through the refined taste of Polp Fiction, Freddo freddo di cavolfiore (cauliflower) and Uova di aringa (herring roe) and Paint it Black. A warm welcome and professional service are paramount in a refined restaurant and owners Mauro and Daniela Piscini are masters of their trade.

Miramonti l’altro

Via Crosette, 34 – Loc. Costorio – 25062 Concesio (BS)
Tel. +39 030 2751063

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Closed Monday
Holidays One week in August
Credit cards All