Ilario Vinciguerra Restaurant

Ilario Vinciguerra

Endless Campanian talent in Lombardy: Southern cuisine is highly fashionable in the North. Ilario Vinciguerra has unearthed a sumptuous Bridge Club, an elegant Liberty villa with over four thousand square metres of park, where you can enjoy a sensory journey and combine ethics with aesthetics, tradition and innovation through study, knowledge and technique, but above all passion. “My cuisine is honest with immediate sensations, both traditional and modern at the same time. It is in constant evolution; it can surprise yet without ever losing sight of Mediterranean products and colours. A perfect gift for lovers of true flavours and quality products” says the chef. His dishes take their cue from his experiences, from France to Germany, from Belgium to Switzerland, but the mark of his cuisine originates from Don Alfonso 1890 in Sant’Agata sui due Golfi. His memorable dishes include Il Profumo that, as a cold dish, enhances the aroma of extra virgin olive oil on raw fish through shaking. The impressive wine cellar is guarded by the competence and professionalism of Marika Chioetto, who gets every pairing right.

Ilario Vinciguerra Restaurant

Via Roma, 1 (ingresso auto via Tenconi, 3) – 21013 Gallarate (VA)
Tel. +39 0331 791597

35 + 90 for events | |

Closed Sunday dinner time and all day Wednesday
Holidays Variable in August
Credit cards All except for Diners