Il Saraceno

Roberto Proto

Il Saraceno is a small jewel nestling in the small town of Cavernago, between the two mediaeval castles of Cavernago and Malpaga, not far from of the fiefdom of the Bartolomeo Colleoni family. Flavours of Amalfi and a fondness for cooking fish accompany the guests on a real taste journey that starts from Amalfi leading to Bergamo. A well-matched pair masterfully manages the restaurant, originally a trattoria: the beautiful Maria Morbi runs the dining room, welcomes guests and puts them at their ease with grace and refinement, while chef Roberto Proto steers the kitchen to amaze them with highly creative raw fish dishes, and lots more. The menu is securely centred on ingredients from the sea with an ample, but not excessive range of gracious and elegant dishes that pack no unusual surprises. Just like the cuisine, the interior is also rather refined and sober with pastel tones, creating an undoubtedly pleasurable and welcoming ambience. The wine list is rich, with a predilection for white wines, providing excellent pairings with the marine cuisine.

Il Saraceno

Piazza Don Verdelli, 2 – 24050 Cavernago (BG)
Tel. +39 035 840007

45 |

Closed Monday dinner time. Tuesday
Holidays 10 days in January and 20 days in August
Credit cards All