Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Stefania Moroni, Alessandro Negrini, Fabio Pisani

Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini are the chefs that today put the same enthusiasm into this culinary experience started over fifty years ago by Aimo e Nadia Moroni, a common thread that weaves a delicate fabric of tradition, research and technology. Stefania Moroni, representing the third generation at the Luogo, and the maître Nicola Dell’Agnolo and the sommelier Alberto Piras continue that culture of hospitality and care that has always been a part of this restaurant’s history. A place where the love for art, good food and fine wines is intertwined and balanced by a culinary experience involving a myriad of native products and producers from Italy. The dishes featured on the menu pleasingly combine reminiscences from our own history and regions, and a desire to afford such specialities a contemporary tinge. Journeys and twists that recall the Caput Absentiae, a site-specific installation by Paul Ferarri which characterises this place.

Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Via Montecuccoli, 6 – 20147 Milan (MI)
Tel. +39 02 416886


Closed Saturday lunchtime and all day Sunday
Holidays From 1 to 7 January. August
Credit cards All