Aquila Nigra

Vera, Giorgio and Andrea Bini

A 15th-century building with frescoes, friezes, tapestries and antique furniture steeped in Renaissance and the seigniory of the Gonzagas. Here, in the heart of the old town, in its oldest district, called Aquila Nigra, on the perimeter of the so-called Insula Sacra, a short walk from the Cathedral and with a view over the Ducal Palace, stands one of the restaurants that have etched the history of Italian cuisine. This historic house is also the symbol of a love, crowned within the restaurant, of the owner Giorgio Bini for his wife Vera Caffini, who was already well accustomed to the world of hospitality through her family’s nearby business. A exquisitely feminine cuisine, that has sought to experiment new paths starting from a solid foundation of traditions and the warmth of home-cooking. An impressive wine list, recommended by Giorgio, a gentleman of another era, accompanies the great classics of Mantua such as pumpkin tortelli, agnoli, fried saltarelli or eel fillets, to finish up with a variation of typical desserts, especially Sbrisolona cake.

Aquila Nigra

Vicolo Bonacolsi, 4 – 46100 Mantova (MN)
Tel. +39 0376 327180

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Closed Sunday dinner time and all day Monday
Holidays 1 week in August
Credit cards All except for American Express