Aurora Mazzucchelli in cucina e Massimo Mazzucchelli in sala

A family history that began in 1983 and was taken over in 2000 by siblings Aurora and Massimo Mazzucchelli. Massimo tends to the dining hall and is an expert on natural wines and always seeking small quality producers to broaden and enrich the already substantial wine list. Aurora, conversely, wears the chef’s coat which she feels has fitted her ever since she was a child. Hers is a cuisine in the making, a whirlwind that embraces both land and sea with dishes with a strong personality. She has great ability in recognizing the force of cuisine, as a source of emotions, as well as nourishment. Her classic dishes include Snails al prato, Maccheroni al torchio, smoked eel, raw oysters and spinach, and some creative ideas such as Scallops cooked in Hay and Camomile sauce, Ravioli with herbs in kid consommé and goat’s cheese; a cuisine full of sensations, creations and goodness. The banquet hall has one large table that can accommodate up to 26 people, the pinnacle of conviviality and spending time together.


Via Porrettana, 291 – 40037 Sasso Marconi (BO)
Tel. +39 051 846216


Closed Sunday dinner time and all day Monday
Holidays Variable in August. A few days after New Year
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