Francesca Poli e Terry Giacomello

The Poli family has been a leading light in Emilian catering for forty years, and in 2015 they met one of Italy’s most creative chefs and together they set up Inkiostro. Terry Giacomello brought with him an explosion of new ideas set within the Parmesan tradition, crowning his past accomplishments in the School of star-studded greats from the world of European cuisine. With a creative mind and a bright, yet unassuming expression, the Chef makes his daily and considerable contribution of ingenuity to Food Valley, beginning with his passion for food chemistry and the use of edible root vegetables, grown personally by him in the garden. Contemporary verve becomes the signature style of the restaurant with its minimal-chic spaces and essential style of serving its dishes. Each course reveals Giacomello’s fine intellect and considerable culinary technique, adept at dismantling and reassembling seasonal ingredients with steps worthy of an alchemist. This is the place to enjoy the very best in egg noodles from Parma.


Via San Leonardo, 124 – 43122 Parma
Tel. +39 0521 776047

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Closed Sunday.
Holidays Two weeks in August
Credit cards All