Il Comandante Restaurant

Salvatore Bianco

With a breathtaking view that embraces Naples, Vesuvius and the sea, the Comandante is the culinary jewel of the Romeo Hotel. A restaurant with an aroma of history: The “Comandante” was the nickname of Achille Lauro, founder of the fleet which bears his name, whose historic headquarters were located where the hotel stands today. The office of the legendary shipowner was exactly where the halls of the restaurant are found. It is no easy matter proposing creative, gourmet-style cuisine in the wake of such an obtrusive and varied tradition as that of Naples, but the chef, Salvatore Bianco, evokes this Mediterranean tradition, through modernisation, flair and creativity, combining it with international experiences. The chef’s motto is Aristotelian: “Omnia cognitio incipit a sensu”, namely “any form of knowledge starts from our senses”, which are well stimulated here by the sweetness of the shrimp dish Assoluto di gambero 2.0, or the measured salinity of Linguina di Gragnano with smoked eel, dried tomatoes and ground laurel and shellfish… inside and out.

Il Comandante Restaurant

Romeo hotel Via Cristoforo Colombo, 45 – 80133 Naples
Tel. +39 081 6041580

40-50 |

Closed Tuesday
Holidays Always open
Credit cards All