La Peca

Chef Nicola Portinari, Pierluigi Portinari, Cinzia Boggian

A mark in your heart: that is the feeling that is left with those who experience a food tasting journey at La Peca, meaning “track” or “footprint” in Vicenza dialect. But the name also refers to the hilly landscape that surrounds the restaurant: you have to be determined to make your way up there, but once you’ve made it, it is a hard job to get away without feeling sorry. The Portinari brothers have just blown out the candles celebrating thirty years of activity, and the secret of this longevity, which must never be taken for granted outside Italy’s main cities, is “building team spirit and creating a group of young, close-knit players”. They started from scratch and in three decades have reached catering’s upper echelons: In the dining room, Pierluigi has succeeded in developing one of the best wine cellars in Italy, one of the first to have natural wines on the list; after his experience with Juan Mari Arzak, Nicola has never ceased to experiment and learn new techniques for preparing the great raw materials from the Veneto in a myriad of ways, while keeping a balance of flavours and an elegant display.

La Peca

Via Giovanelli, 2 – 36045 Lonigo (VI)
Tel. +39 0444 830214

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Closed Sunday and Monday
Holidays June, 1 week mid-August, from 25 to 30 December
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