Antica Osteria da Cera

Cera Family

Every dish found in the Cera household is the result of an agonising search for sea breezes; for over fifty years they have worked with the same cleanness and clarity of flavours and respect for the sea that has made them such a great family. Because the Antica Osteria da Cera really is a family affair: when Rino and Silvana Cera decided to retire, Lionello took over the management; he is a great experimenter and meticulous selector of the best fish you can find in Chioggia market.
The raw materials from the deep are the primary essence in cooking according to the chef who likes to point out that “simplicity is the most difficult concept to interpret,” but in his restaurant you can read it clearly.
And that’s how, in half a century, they have managed to transform a country inn into one of the finest fish restaurants in Italy, a paradise for lovers of flavours from the sea.
Lionello is given a helping hand by siblings, Lorena and Daniele, as well as by his wife Simonetta, who elegantly and passionately attends to the dining room.

Antica Osteria da Cera

Via Marghera, 24 – 30010 Lughetto di Campagna Lupia (VE)
Tel. +39 041 5185009

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Closed Monday. Sunday dinner time
Holidays 2 weeks in January and 2 weeks in August
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