Locanda Margon

Lunelli family, Chef Alfio Ghezzi

“My point of departure is tradition because my base is my local area. Over recent years we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned all too often by foreign influences: techno-emotional cuisine, molecular cuisine, Nikkei, Nordic… What I say is: Italy,” explains Alfio Ghezzi, the chef, with proud spirit. And his cooking is absolutely immediate, going straight to the heart and soul, providing pleasure that is neither obvious nor trivial, an all-round appeal for all kinds of guests, instantly attracted and enchanted by his style. Of course, Trentino is a leading contributor “with its amazing climatic resources, ranging from the temperate to the almost Mediterranean, that can be enjoyed over wide areas from Riva del Garda right up to the high mountains. In this varied environment, a chef can recount a whole collection of stories, with his dishes,” says Ghezzi dreamily. Its refined, yet often unpredictable simplicity makes the Locanda Margon a gourmet’s temple that also offers outstanding wine pairings. In the wine cellar of the Lunelli family, you can find some historic and extremely rare vintages.

Locanda Margon

Via Margone di Ravina, 15 – 38123 Trento (TN)
Tel. +39 0461 349401

40 in veranda + 25 in gourmet lounge | |

Closed Tuesday. Sunday dinner time
Holidays Two weeks in January and two in August
Credit cards All except for Diners