El Molin

Alessandro Gilmozzi

Twenty-eight years of in-depth study and indomitable passion that chef Alessandro Gilmozzi has invested in his restaurant with each day as if it were the first. On the menu there’s nature and his native land, to the nth degree. You can find moss and lichens and wild herbs; both innovative and primordial techniques are used to explore the true nature of the Dolomites on the menu. Alessandro has learnt so much from the woods of Val di Fiemme, just as he did from his aunt, an expert in Botany, and his grandfather, a mycologist: with the same exact science he has transposed all the knowledge he acquired into his cuisine. His style is every bit as good as the trends in Northern Europe, which he preceded by many decades. He is just as innovative with his dishes (he recently took out the Gilbach.Gin, invented along with former sous-chef Andreas Bachmann), as he is traditional in the dining room in an authentic 17th century mill that oozes with the smells of the mountains. Chef Gilmozzi was a disciple of Adrià and Ducasse, and knows exactly how to balance strong flavours from the Dolomites with those delicate ones from seasonal herbs and flowers.

El Molin

Piazza Cesare Battisti, 11 – 38033 Cavalese (TN)
Tel. +39 0462 340074

20 | if assisted | small-sized

Closed Tuesday. Lunchtime. Saturday and Sunday open for lunch by reservation
Holidays From mid-April to 14 June. From 16 October to 30 November
Credit Cards All