Pri Lojzetu

Tomaž, Flavia and Sara Kavčič

Villa Zemono is found in Vipava on the border between Italy and Slovenia. Built by the nobleman Francesco Antonio Lanthieri in 1689, it is an extremely attractive stately home starting from its frescoed vaults which were greatly loved by Giacomo Casanova. This was exactly the place where Carlo Goldoni found inspiration to write his lively works, and where chef Tomaž Kavčič, with similar lively creativity, and his wife Flavia, head of the dining room, found the perfect setting for their restaurant, Pri Lojzetu. In this historic home the chef takes his guests on a voyage of discovery of Slovenian flavours, including soups and fragrant broths. At his table you can also find the rare and delicate Rose of Gorizia, a native radicchio that is harvested by hand, head by head before the autumn and stored in a warm environment to dry, before becoming a superb delicacy that few chefs know how to prepare with such success. Tomaž can even amaze his guests with a simple sea bass: using a salt plate that becomes a hot plate, the fish is prepared before their very eyes, arousing a fun-filled and entertaining moment of shared comments over the meal.

Pri Lojzetu

Dvorec Zemono – 5271 Vipava (SLO)
Tel. +386 5 3687007

40 – up to 200 for events | | by prior arrangement

Closed Monday and Tuesday
Holidays They vary from year to year
Credit cards All