La Madia

Pino Cuttaia

An identity cuisine which makes chef Pino Cuttaia recognizable in every dish: in Licata you can savour memories and emotions and gain nourishment from the introspection of their creator’s life, an ongoing story that is the driving force of many of his dishes. Simplicity and the study of essence and the elimination of superfluous overtones, in search of the truth about flavours and sensations: a current challenge that is constantly evolving, posed initially by Cuttaia, being one of a kind on the international scene. “Every chef is on a journey, and the journey consists of research, exploration and ideas. My today leads me to where it all began: in the kitchen at home,” says the chef. A culinary art that lies deep in the dormant memories of youth, in pure Freudian style, and that is translated into delicious and immediately comprehensible experiences: Cod pizzaiola smoked with pine cones, Caprese cloud and the Picture of anchovies in sea water. A blended cuisine which serves up a final product from a long chain of virtuoso Sicilian artisans, with produce taken from the chef’s very own vegetable garden. In this way, Licata has become a gourmets’ destination.

La Madia F. Re Capriata, 22
92027 Licata (AG)
Tel. +39 092 2771443

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Closed In winter: All day Tuesday. Sunday dinner time. July and August: all day Tuesday. Sunday lunchtime
Holidays They vary from year to year
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