Ciccio Sultano

“We are not afraid of renewal because our roots run deep,” says Ciccio Sultano, standard-bearer of Sicily’s avant-garde cuisine in the world.
A culinary art that comes from the heart relies on highly rigorous techniques, devoted to a highly-refined Sicily with strong traditions, which is projected towards the future. “When approaching a project in the kitchen for a new dish, I make my mind up based on three principles: sense of identity, belonging and responsibility.
What I mean is that it must be mine first and foremost, then Sicilian and finally in line with the expectations of my guests,” explains the chef. “Our story embraces centuries of history, ingredients and recipes that have formed the layers of this island at the centre of the Mediterranean. A voyage through time and space…” it says on the menu.
A small curiosity: Sultano’s restaurant is located inside the Palazzo La Rocca, which was used as the film set for “Divorce Italian Style” with Marcello Mastroianni and Stefania Sandrelli.


Via Capitano Bocchieri, 31
97100 Ragusa Ibla (RG)
Tel. +39 0932 651265

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Closed All day Sunday. Monday lunchtime. Always open in August and from 26 December to 6 January
Holidays From 7 January to 28 February
Credit cards All