Bye Bye Blues

Patrizia Di Benedetto

Mondello needed a great restaurant and when in 1991 chef Patrizia Di Benedetto and sommelier Antonio Barraco, an expert in cocktails, took over a characterless pub on one of Palermo’s most beautiful beaches, they soon succeeded in turning it into the gourmets’ paradise it still is today. Patrizia drew on the lessons she learned from the women in her family who had an intimate knowledge of traditional Sicilian cuisine, and then developed her expertise by attending several courses, both in Italy and abroad. And that is how Bye Bye Blues became a safe haven for dedicated gourmets, where the very best of rich Sicilian culinary pride combines with the essential way the dishes are presented and the decidedly contemporary manner that the home-style, time-honoured recipes are prepared. Zero km ingredients and fresh fish, provided daily by local fishermen, are the true secrets of a wholesome cuisine, outstanding in quality. Some unforgettable dishes that remain within the hearts of fortunate guests include Mixed raw fish, green tea salt and lemon marmalade with orange blossom honey. One of the finest first courses is Black cavatelli with sea sauce and urchin foam providing the very best of Sicilian flavours.

Bye Bye Blues

Via del Garofalo, 23 – Loc.Valdesi
90149 Mondello (PA)
Tel. +39 091 6841415

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Closed Monday
Holidays Always open
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