Angelo Sabatelli Ristorante

Angelo Sabatelli

He has a motto that accompanies him like a mantra: “Take risks and conquer your fear”. Passion and sense of challenge are the distinguishing features of Angelo Sabatelli who brought to Puglia that avant-garde vein that was lacking in this generous land of raw materials with a certain reticence towards innovation. After travelling the world far and wide, passing through Rome, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Mauritius, the chef decided to return to his Puglia, in the splendid Palazzo Romanazzi in Putignano, once the residence of an ancient noble family,
where the furniture now speaks a modern lingo like that of his dishes. A continuous dialogue with a weighty past, typical of Mediterranean and Apulian cuisine in the land of Puglia, but which Angelo Sabatelli continues to bring into the present with surprising results: his table is constantly laden with colours, flavours and culinary know-how. To round off this taste experience, there is a bare-stone cellar measuring 125 square metres, housing a selection of eight hundred labels, including at least one hundred champagnes.

Angelo Sabatelli Ristorante

Via S. Chiara, 1
70017 Putignano (BA)
Tel. +39 080 4052733

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Closed From September to June: all day Monday. Sunday dinner time. July and August: all day Monday
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