Piccolo Lago

Sacco Family

Located on Lake Mergozzo, the Piccolo Lago is a sign that has held pride of place since 1974. The surrounding mountains and crystal clear waters before it, make this a truly charming restaurant, built to give the feeling of floating over the shores with its glass, steel and timber structure that enhances the beauty of the location.
Marco Sacco has recently launched an ambitious project to bring out the best in one of the typical local products: freshwater fish, always the poorer relations of their seawater cousins. People of the Lake whose desire it is to raise the reputation, to the heights of haute cuisine, of those delicate yet intriguing flavours of fish whose fate is often oblivion.
With over ten years at the helm of the Piccolo Lago, Marco Sacco has never failed to impress with the numerous dishes for tasting, for those who want to, even at the chef’s table and with a cuisine that reinterprets Piedmont tradition inspired by his travels far and wide and including unusual ingredients from afar on the menu.

Piccolo Lago

Via Turati, 87 – 28924 Verbania Fondotoce (VB)
Tel. +39 0323 586792

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Closed All day Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday lunchtime
Holidays From November to February
Credit cards All