Piazza Duomo

Enrico Crippa

For Enrico Crippa, living in Alba is a source of constant inspiration, which continuously feeds his creative spirit without any geographical limitations: it is, in fact, the rest of the world that comes to find him and knocks on the door of Piazza Duomo in search of unexplored sensations. “Everything is so much better when imbued with energy,” says the chef, who from his adopted Piedmont city has drawn the lifeblood that allowed him to develop recipes he had kept in the drawer for years, before the Ceretto family gave him the opportunity to vent the creative ideas conceived in his mind that never stops working. He creates dishes that reach the heights of culinary art with produce from a vegetable garden he manages personally. He is teeming with talent and has boundless imagination: nothing seems to hold down this chef with his formidable willpower; he’s the first to arrive and the last to leave the restaurant, like a captain in love with his ship, his home. It is not easy to find similar aplomb in the dining room, yet everything is possible here: the maître Vincenzo Donatiello leads guests on a winding journey as far as the monumental cellar of Piazza Duomo.

Piazza Duomo

P.zza Risorgimento, 4 – 12051 Alba (CN)
Tel. +39 0173 366167

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Closed Sunday and Monday
Holidays 2 weeks in August. Between late December and January
Credit cards All except for Diners