Chef Davide Scabin, Milena Pozzi, Barbara Scabin­

Rivoli is no longer an attraction just for lovers of contemporary art: ever since Davide Scabin established himself in the castle, it has become a destination for gourmet enthusiasts who love the creative drive and unstoppable flair of this chef. If we were to give him a classification – something that would not be to his liking at all – he would be among the greatest innovators and the most pyrotechnic and unrelenting of minds, where playful pleasure combines with sacred reverence for food.
Davide Scabin likes to break with traditions and the unforgettable classics that he has forged are almost a thing of the past. Cyber Egg (egg wrapped in a transparent film with the addition of shallots and caviar) and reversing the order of courses with the “Up&Down” project are almost vague recollections for him.
For his new menu “Viaggio verso Atavica” (“Journey to Atavic”) he has succeeded in drawing from Modern Art the ability to revolutionise codified rules and forge new classics by retracing the origins of Italian cuisine, in a relentless evolutionary cycle.


P.zza Mafalda di Savoia – 10098 Rivoli (TO)
Tel. +39 011 9565225

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Closed Sunday and Monday. From Tuesday to Saturday only open for dinner
Holidays Christmas period. Variable in August
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