Christian & Manuel Ristorante

Christian and Manuel Costardi

Bags of creativity, the will to emerge and the wisdom to know how to use your head: these are the magic ingredients that led to the transformation of a simple rice dish from Vercelli, however good it might be, into a gourmand risotto. And that is how the Costardi brothers succeeded in reinventing the very best of local traditions and offer it to the world of haute cuisine. The family restaurant inside the hotel Cinzia has become an absolute must for all those happen to be passing through. Their communication skills, ability to arouse emotions and precise playful touch soon gained acclaim throughout Italy, becoming unforgettable with their Costardi’s Condensed Tomato Rice with its clear parody of Andy Warhol and all canned produce. Their starting point was an excellent raw material that they enriched with flair through relentless research into cooking techniques, an obsessive focus on the visual appeal of the dish, making every risotto impeccable, delicious and great fun. This is the fourth generation to skilfully run the hotel; the Costardi family has been successful in selecting excellent wines served with mastery by sommelier Elisa Bellavia.

Christian & Manuel Ristorante

Corso Magenta, 71 – 13100 Vercelli
Tel. +39 0161 253585

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