Al Sorriso

Valazza Family

al sorriso

This forge of flavours of the Valazza family lies snuggled within the small Piedmontese village of Soriso, where the hosts have brought out a bright smile in all visiting gourmets since 1981.
The hands of chef Luisa Valazza reveal an unexpected strength and harmonious flair and a feel for the world of painting she loves so dearly. Together with her husband Angelo, she embodies one of the cornerstones of contemporary cuisine and stands as a superb promoter of that cult of taste inherent in all those born in Piedmont. One of the few well-known women in the kitchen, Luisa Valazza is today an international icon for her perfect preparation of traditional dishes, reproduced with creativity that comes from the heart.
Angelo Valazza, a gentlemen of yesteryear, has travelled the world with passion and acquired essential skills and extreme sensitivity, qualities he puts to good use in his polite and professional relations with guests. Here, the excellent level of hospitality deserves applause.

Al Sorriso

Via Roma, 18 – 28018 Soriso (NO)
Tel. +39 0322 983228

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Closed Monday and Tuesday
Holidays From 8 to 22 January. From 6 to 26 August
Credit cards All